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Taratabong, the World of the Meloditties

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Format Formats : 52x6'

Cible Targets :Preschool

Genre Genre :Edutainment

Production Production companies :Raifiction; Toposodo; Ellipsanime

Réalisateur Filmmaker : Marco Biggliazzi and Fabrizio Bondi

Année de réalisation Production year : 2008

Auteurs Authors : Marco Biggliazzi and Fabrizio Bondi

Versions Versions : Chinese, English, French, Italian, Russian, Slovak

Pays Country : France


Welcome to the musical world of the Meloditties… Taratabong is a wonderful place inhabited by little musical creatures, the Meloditties. Communicating by sound and rhythm, these instrumental characters create a new melody in every episode, introducing preschoolers to the magical world of music through everyday adventures and fun.


Major Broadcasters

Awards and nominations

Pulcinella Award Winner in the preschool category !

Key facts

- Pulcinella Award 2009 in the preschool category at the Cartoons on the Bay

"Funny and original, "Taratabong" synthesizes why animation works telling stories to very young children. This is an excellent way of introducing music to pre-schoolers"

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