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Funny Little Bugs

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Format Formats : 65x7'

Cible Targets :Preschool

Genre Genre :Edutainment

Production Production companies :Ellipsanime, Gribouille

Réalisateur Filmmaker : Stéphane Bernasconi

Année de réalisation Production year : 2001

Auteurs Authors : Antoon Krings

Versions Versions : Chinese, English, Estonian, French, Italian, Mexican, Portuguese, Russian

Pays Country : France


Meet the cuddliest, cutest creatures in the world! The Funny Little Bugs experience the same daily struggles for food, friendship, tranquility and adventures as humans do. With their bright colours and charming tales, these delightful little characters will especially appeal to children of preschool age!


« The elegance of the images, a great moral, the wickedness of humanity is depicted with great subtlety. »

Antoon Krings
Le Monde

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Full length film released

in December 2017 in France!

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