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Spirou & Fantasio (Two of a Kind)

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Format Formats : 39x26'

Cible Targets :Kids

Genre Genre :Adventure

Production Production companies :Dupuis Audiovisuel / M6 / RTBF/ ARANEO

Réalisateur Filmmaker : Daniel Duda

Année de réalisation Production year : 2006

Versions Versions : Arabic, Brazilian, Dutch, English, French, Latin Spanish, Spanish, Turkish

Pays Country : France


They love mystery, they love travelling... they are Two of a Kind! Spirou and Fantasio are two jet-setting and adventurous journalists who always seem to run into fantastic adventures, aided by Spirou’s pet squirrel Spip and their inventor friend, the Count Champignac. Follow them on their hilarious journeys.


« Characterised by their humour, courage and intelligence, Spirou and Fantasio have risen to every challenge since their first broadcast on OUFtivi. It is a flagship series for RTBF's youth channel, and has captured the hearts of young Belgians. »

Coralie Pastor

Major Broadcasters

Awards and nominations

Key facts

Get ready for 39 episodes

full of mystery, adventures and humor!

Ongoing broadcasting

in over 100 countries!

Park Spirou

opened in 2016 !

A live action movie

was released in 2018 !

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