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SamSam : Cosmic Adventures

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Format Formats : 52x11'

Cible Targets :Young Kids

Genre Genre :Adventure, Comedy

Production Production companies :Folivari & Bayard Jeunesse Animation

Réalisateur Filmmaker : Tanguy de Kermel  

Année de réalisation Production year : 2024

Auteurs Authors : Serge Bloch

Versions Versions : Anglais, English, Français, French

Pays Country : France


Six-year-old superhero, SamSam, lives on Planet Sam. When he’s not at school, he spends his days exploring the galaxy with his friends and defeating not-so-clever villains. Despite his superpowers, SamSam is just like any other kid experiencing the greatest adventure of all: growing up! Spook a dooks, etc.) and every discovery he makes about the world and its real dangers.


Major Broadcasters

Awards and nominations

Key facts

250 million cumulative audience on the first 2 Seasons

Originally Published by Bayard - A new CGI series with much loved SamSam

Delivery : Q4 2023

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