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The Minimighty Kids Collection

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Format Formats : 234x8'

Cible Targets :Kids

Genre Genre :Action, Adventure

Production Production companies :Futurikon, Teletoon, Studio Fantasia

Réalisateur Filmmaker : Norman J. LeBlanc

Année de réalisation Production year : 2008-2019

Auteurs Authors : From the comic books of Hélène Bruller and Zep

Versions Versions : Brazilian, Croatian, Czech, English, French, Italian, Korean, Mexican, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish

Pays Country : France


Mini problems, mighty powers! Minimighty Kids is a great feel-good program which teaches - in a funny way - children to accept themselves for who they are. All these likeable characters have a mini problem (wrong clothes, snotty-nose, stuttering...) but for one day they are able to magically transform themselves into superheroes. When they transform, these imperfections become fantastic powers and help save the day! These lovable characters teach us that with more self-confidence and the help of friends, we can all become superheroes!


« The minimighty kids is a witty, touching and hilarious animated series that TSR is proud to offer to little ones as well as grownups. »

Izabela Rieben

« The sustained success of the series is due to the strength of the characters and the originality of the concept »

Nathalie Piquet

Major Broadcasters

Awards and nominations

Key facts

New third season (78 x 8')

available now!

Sky high ratings :

#1 rated youth program on TF1 (France) and Clan (Spain)

Series Awareness 89%

(Kids 6-10)

Diverse Licensees:

Apparel, Bed linen, Publishing, School Bags, Magazine, records and others

Already sold to more than 200 territories

and translated into more than 10 languages

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