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The Garfield Show

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Format Formats : 214x11' | 80x40' | 7x60'

Cible Targets :Kids

Genre Genre :Comedy

Production Production companies :Dargaud Media

Réalisateur Filmmaker : Philippe Vidal

Année de réalisation Production year : 2013

Auteurs Authors : Jim Davis

Versions Versions : Brazilian, Cantonese, Chinese, Corean, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian

Pays Country : France


It's all about him! Garfield is a lazy, selfish, overweight, orange tabby cat whose main hobbies are chilling out, sleeping, watching TV and having fun... These series are composed of: The Garfield Show Season 1: 52x11' The Garfield Show Season 2: 52x11' The Garfield Show Season 3: 52x11' The Garfield Show Season 4: 54x13' or 7x60'+19x13' (specials and independent episodes) The Garfield Show Season 5, Rodent Rebellion: 48' or 4x13' The Garfield Shorts : 52x40''


« We are very happy to have picked up the 3rd season of Garfield. The show is an excellent performer on our network! »

Cecilia Persson
Cartoon Network UK

« We are extremely proud to broadcast The Garfield Show season 4, across Canada. »

Lisa Savard
Radio Canada

Major Broadcasters

Awards and nominations

Creative Arts EMMY AWARDS 2012 ©

June Foray alias Mrs Cauldron wins as the Best Performer In an Animated Program.

Elected best new kids show

by People Magazine US - Garfield remporte le prix Actukids de la Licence Jr 2010

TVFI Export Award


Key facts

96% popularity ratings

among children

In existence

for over 36 years

Airs in

131 territories worldwide

Also available:

7 specials of 60' 3 specials of 45' 2 specials of 22' 54 shorts and 80 songs

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