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Format Formats : 78x8'

Cible Targets :Kids

Genre Genre :Comedy

Production Production companies :Ellipsanime; Gulli; Canal J; Araneo

Réalisateur Filmmaker : Philippe Vidal

Année de réalisation Production year : 2009

Auteurs Authors : Turk & De Groot

Versions Versions : English, French

Pays Country : France


The wackiest inventor of all time! Dr Contraptus comes up with the craziest of ideas and concepts every day. His clumsy and lazy sidekick, Basil, has the unfortunate task of testing out all of Contraptus’ creations. Each new contraption brings a new adventure, fun and many minor mishaps.


« Dr. Contraptus...his craziness, his genius, his spaghettis and his cat... On Canal J, he just has loads of disciples! »

Emmanuelle Baril
Canal J

Major Broadcasters

Awards and nominations

Best Export Award Nominee

Key facts

Based on the popular comic book series

originally by Turk and De Groot: 50 albums already released!

Directed by Philippe Vidal

(The Garfield Show, Valerian & Laureline, Bobby & Bill…)

Best Export Award nominee

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