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Format Formats : 1x26'

Cible Targets :Young Kids

Genre Genre :Adventure, Comedy

Production Production companies :Ellipsanime Productions

Réalisateur Filmmaker : Alexandre Coste

Auteurs Authors : Marguerite Abouet, Louise Cailliez and Baptiste Grosfilley based on the comic books by Marguerite Abouet and Mathieu Sapin

Versions Versions : English, French

Pays Country : France


Akissi is a young girl, last of her siblings, dreaming of having a younger brother or sister. As she is on her way to the market, she meets a cute little monkey that she names “Boubou”. After coming across a series of adventures with him and her friends, she will have to face a new challenge: convincing her family to welcome the goofy monkey as her new little brother!


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