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Tempo Express

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Format Formats : 26x26'

Cible Targets :Kids

Genre Genre :Adventure

Production Production companies :Les Cartooneurs Associés

Réalisateur Filmmaker : Jacky Bretaudeau, Tian Xiao Zhang

Auteurs Authors : Eric Paul Marais

Versions Versions : French, Polish, Spanish

Pays Country : France


It’s the year 2068! Thanks to the high-tech “Tempo Express” machine,we can travel back in time to our heart’s content! This animated comedy-adventure-science-fiction series takes girls and boys to a new time and place in each episode, encouraging their curiosity about history. Although the series is well-researched and provides solid information about the topic in question, its chief aim is FUN, with the series' three young guides constantly facing hilarious cultural and historical clashes! From prehistory through to the end of the 20th century, visit the most important dates in history with these spatiotemporal agents who are unlike any other!


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Key facts

From the directors of

Martin Morning

Script written by Eric Paul Marais

who participated in the writing of the Marsupilami series.

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