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Sardine in Outer Space

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Format Formats : 52x12'

Cible Targets :Kids

Genre Genre :Adventure, Comedy

Production Production companies :Toon Factory; Studio Redfrog

Année de réalisation Production year : 2019

Auteurs Authors : Joann SFAR, Emmanuel GUIBERT et Mathieu SAPIN

Versions Versions : Brazilian, Chinese, English, French, Lithuanian, Polish

Pays Country : France


The youngest and spunkiest space traveller in the entire universe! Follow Sardine, Little Louie and The Captain Yellow Shoulder’s intrepid crew in their never-ending fight against super villain Supermuscleman and his evil sidekick Dr. Krok! Aboard the Huckleberry spaceship the joyous team will go on hilarious and quirky missions where imagination is the only limit!


« Creativity, humor and quirkiness are what make us love our girl-hero Sardine! Not forgetting she fights audaciously against all manner of mischief on her interstellar mission to save the universe! »

Nathalie Leffray
Canal +

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Awards and nominations

Key facts

Based on the successful comics

by Joann Sfar, Emmanuel Guibert and Mathieu Sapin

14 albums released

and over 1500 pages chock-full of wacky adventures!

Each episode of the cartoon

is based on one episode of the comic book.

Translated into multiple languages

(French, English, Spanish...)

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