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Little King Macius

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Format Formats : 52x13'

Cible Targets :Young Kids

Genre Genre :Adventure

Production Production companies :Kinderkanal; Hessischer; Saxonia Media; Studio 88; Studio Orange

Réalisateur Filmmaker : Lutz Stutzner, Jesse Sandor

Année de réalisation Production year : 2003

Auteurs Authors : Janusz Korczak

Versions Versions : Dutch, English, French

Pays Country : France


Macius is 9 when he inherits the throne from his father...
 Little King Macius soon realizes that governing a kingdom is no child’s play, especially when the Army General is trying to take advantage of his peaceful nature. Based on the book by Janusz Korczak.


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Awards and nominations

The feature Film Little King Macius was announced winner of the Anima Festival

in the category of "Audience Award for the Best Children's Feature Animation", in Brussels.

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