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Venice, the Most Ancient City of the Future

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Format Formats : 1x26'

Cible Targets :Kids

Genre Genre :Adventure, Comedy

Production Production companies :Primal Shape

Réalisateur Filmmaker : Andrea Giro & Roberto Zincone

Année de réalisation Production year : 2023

Auteurs Authors : Jacopo Martinello, Andrea Giro and Roberto Zincone

Versions Versions : Anglais, Italien

Pays Country : France


Elena, an 11 years old girl known as Nanna, attends Venice’s 1600th anniversary celebration with her friend Alvise. There, Elena accidentally falls through a gate, triggering events that send her back in time. Throughout her journey, she meets historical figures from Venice’s past and learns about the city’s beauty and the its fragile balance. Being a modern and sustainable city while preserving its ancient heritage.


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Awards and nominations

Winner of Toshima City Award 2024

Selected at Cartoon on the Bay 2023

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