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Nanook’s Great Hunt

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Format Formats : 26x26'

Cible Targets :Kids

Genre Genre :Adventure

Production Production companies :Elma Animation; Medever International; TF1

Réalisateur Filmmaker : Franck Bourgeron; Marc Perret

Année de réalisation Production year : 1998

Versions Versions : French

Pays Country : France


Following the trail of his missing father, a boy discovers manhood.
 This is the story of a tenacious and reliable young Inuit. His extraordinary search for his vanished father leads him to track Suaq Nanook, the great bear from the legend of the land of the five suns. As he passes through a snowy terrain inhabited by pure and simple men and filled with dreams and legends, young Inuit Nanook leaves the world of childhood and gradually becomes a man.


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