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Lucky Luke – Feature Films

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Format Formats : 3x80'

Cible Targets :Kids

Genre Genre :Action, Adventure

Versions Versions : Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian

Pays Country : France


Daisy Town tells the story of a wagon that comes to a halt when the Westerners find an idyllic place covered by a single daisy. They decide to settle there and name it Daisy Town. But over the years, the face of the town changes for the worse – especially when the notorious Dalton gang shows up. Luckily, Daisy Town’s new sheriff happens to be a lonesome cowboy... In The Ballad of the Daltons, the brothers manage to break out again to avenge their uncle. Fortunately, the Daltons' archenemy, Lucky Luke, the fastest gun in the West, is in town. In The Daltons On The Loose, The Daltons are delighted when their prison guard decides to throw a birthday party... The four brothers take advantage of this ideal situation to make a spectacular escape!


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Key facts

In 2016 Lucky Luke celebrated

his 70th year of success!

More than 300 million albums sold

worldwide since 1946

A comic translated

into 29 languages

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