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Lucas etc.

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Format Formats : 52x7'

Cible Targets :Family Co-viewing, Kids

Genre Genre :Comedy

Production Production companies :Narrativ Nation / RTBF (OUFtivi) / VRT (Ketnet)

Réalisateur Filmmaker : Lionel Delhaye

Année de réalisation Production year : 2017

Versions Versions : Dutch, French, Italian, Latvian, Mexican

Pays Country : France


Welcome to the life of one loony stepfamily! 12-year-old Lucas suddenly learns that he and his mum are going to live with his new step-father Jeff and his three children… Between Albert, the crazy ex-spy grandfather, Marion, the mute youngest daughter who only communicates through emojis, Mélodie, the cynical teenager, and Nathan, who is ready to be Lucas’ worst nightmare, life isn’t going to be easy (or quiet!) … Thankfully, Lucas can count on his loyal friends and wild imagination to save the day…. Whenever he is faced with a problem, he imagines that he has the powers of his favourite film characters (whether it be Spiderman, a cowboy or the Terminator) and nothing can get in the way of truth and justice! Although his new stepfamily has a habit of getting in the way, they might just turn out to be a hidden treasure trove of love and laughter!


« 'Nearly brothers', 'kind of' sisters, 'more or less' step-fathers and Lucas, a 12 year old with a lively imagination! Each 7' minute episode about this patchwork family is jam-packed with hilarious moments… you'll be sure to want to gobble Lucas etc. up! »

Coralie Pastor

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The average slot doubled

on Ouftivi

By Xavier Vairé,

one of the co-writers of Oggy and the Cockroaches and Soda!

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