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H2O – Mermaid Adventures


Format Formats : 26x24'

Cible Targets :Kids

Genre Genre :Action, Fantasy, Sitcom

Production Production companies :Les Cartooneurs associés, Fantasia Animation, ZDF Enterprises

Réalisateur Filmmaker : Tian Xiao ZHANG

Année de réalisation Production year : 2014

Auteurs Authors : Eric-Paul Marais, Delphine Dubos, Franck Soullard

Versions Versions : English, French

Pays Country : France


This animated series relates the daily lives of three normal teenagers, Emma, Cleo and Rikki, who are magically transformed into Mermaids whenever they touch water. Suddenly a whole new world opens up to them, and as they discover the marvelous undersea world they also realize that each one of them has gained a magical power… As if being an ordinary teenager wasn’t enough of a problem! Luckily they can count on each other and their friends Lewis and Bernie, the hermit crab, to help them out of sticky situations and share all the exhilarating adventures that are in store for them.


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Based on the series H2O « Just Add Water »

by Jonathan M. Shiff

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