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Code Lyoko Evolution

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Format Formats : 26x26'

Cible Targets :Kids, Teens

Genre Genre :Action, Adventure

Production Production companies :Moonscoop, France Télévisions, CanalJ

Réalisateur Filmmaker : Luc-Olivier Di Rosa, Florian Ferrier

Année de réalisation Production year : 2012

Auteurs Authors : Tania Palumbo

Versions Versions : Birman, French, Italian, Vietnamese

Pays Country : France


A new live-action dimension to the quest! Following on from Code Lyoko, Code Lyoko is a time animation sequel mixed with live action. Yumi, Ulrich, Odd, Jeremy and Aelita are back to their daily routine at Kadic Academy when X.A.N.A reappears. Who reactivated this monstrosity and why? Our heroes tackle the Supercomputer once more so that they can return to Lyoko and get rid of this digital evil once and for all.


« Code Lyoko Evolution is a unique hybrid series, which is very popular on Megamax. We always receive positive feedback about the series, and month after month it is one of our top programmes! »

Regina Szarbo
AMC Networks International

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400,000 official Facebook fans,

400,000 gamers!

A new dimension to the worldwide popular prequel:

Code Lyoko

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