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Chicken Town


Format Formats : 39x8'

Cible Targets :Kids

Genre Genre :Comedy

Production Production companies :Ellipsanime; 1st Day; Aranéo. With the participation of BNP Fortis, VAF, Wallimage sa.

Réalisateur Filmmaker : Niko Meulemans

Année de réalisation Production year : 2011

Versions Versions : English, French

Pays Country : France


A big egg a day keeps the butcher away! In the heart of a big city, Zino, an irresponsible yet loveable rooster, encourages his four chicks to lay big eggs with the “Push lay” song. Polly, the terrifying landlady, threatens to sell them to the butcher next-door if she doesn't get her daily eggs on time. Inevitably wacky situations always distract our dancing-laying-queens from doing their job...


« We're very excited to launch Chicken Town on our channel. It's a very well produced series with awesome humor and catchy songs. And a great extra for us, the roots of Chicken Town are Belgian. Besides delicious fries and chocolate, chicken is the country's next specialty »

Michael Dujardin

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