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A Monkey’s Tale

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Format Formats : 1x75'

Cible Targets :Family Co-viewing

Genre Genre :Adventure

Production Production companies : Les films du triangle; La Fabrique; France 3; Steve Walsh Production; Cologne Cartoon

Réalisateur Filmmaker : Jean François Laguionie

Année de réalisation Production year : 1999

Versions Versions : French

Pays Country : France


In a Kingdom where a population of monkeys live in the canopy avoiding the 'world below' at all costs, Kom, a young monkey decides to adventure down there, but he does not expect the adventure which awaits him in this mysterious world, where the final challenge will be to forge a link between the two worlds...


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Directed by Jean-François Laguionie who also directed Black Mor's Treasure!

Laguionie also released a full length animated feature film 'The Princes Voyage' in 2019

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